I want to take my Cisco certification exam

The universe of technical certifications is certainly complex and almost initiatory for those who have not yet entered it. This means that when making the decision to start a certification path, many questions arise that, if they do not have a correct answer, can lead to wrong decisions that can even cause some failure or disappointment. In the case of the certifications offered by Cisco Systems this becomes more complicated given the multitude of forums, blogs (like this one), opinions that circulate. But there is a very clear reference which is the one that the main reference should always give us: Cisco publishes all the information about its certifications in one place. All the official information published and available is on the certifications site.

Cisco Network 

This is why I always tell my students that when they start preparing for a certification exam the reference should not be forums, particular groups or this blog, but rather the official Cisco site. For this I have concentrated in a post the links to the main official references to the Cisco certification system and the syllabi of the main exams. First, the main access to the certifications site where you can consult all the available certifications and from there access the specific information of each official training and each certification exam. 

  • Official Cisco Systems Certification Microsite

All certification exams have a common mechanics and format.
Regarding the methodology of each of the question formats, there is a series of explanatory videos available that we should all review before presenting our first exam during preparation.

  • Certification exam tutorial videos

All Cisco certification exams are presented through Pearson VUE in an authorized Testing Center where the candidate must register and in which each one chooses the Testing Center, date and time when they wish to take their exam.

  • Access link to Cisco certification exams at Pearson VUE

Regarding what to expect in the Testing Center when taking the Cisco certification exam, it is very convenient to review this video before the first experience:

  • What should I expect at the VUE Testing Center? (video)

On the Cisco certifications microsite you will find all the information and official syllabi (which we really must take into account when studying).